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April 10 2017

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to brighten your day, here is some young mark hamill (aka luke skywalker, hero of the galaxy). wearing a sweater. cuddling a kitten. enjoy! (x)

I’m the cat

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knight: rides into battle without helmet everyone: gives him strange looks
knight: “kitty was sleeping in it”
everyone: nods in agreement

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Even Duck want WENGER OUT

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A snow leopard cub that fell asleep during playtime by Cloudtail the Snow Leopard

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Pour yourself a glass from the Probability Pitcher.

Take a fucking sip for initiative, babes

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they are a witch’s two familars and have never gotten along, but one day the witch disappears and so they must go on a cross-country search in order to bring her home. along the way, the cat learns to loosen up while the crow gains worldly experience, and they both become better friends

show me the Dark Homeward Bound

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April 04 2017

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